LazeyDaze: Caribbean@Heart

LazeyDaze: Caribbean@Heart


LazeyDaze is a purveyor of apparel, bags, drinkware and more – all with a Caribbean theme. Our tagline is ”Caribbean@Heart” - but what does that mean?

As a first generation diasporic (a word I just made up to mean born in the diaspora of first generation migrants – I was born in Europe to Trini parents), it is something I have given some thought to. My early formative years were spent in England in a household and extended family where Caribbean culture was prominent. I was then fortunate enough to come to the Caribbean as a child and grow up fully immersed in the island vibe.

I consider myself to be Caribbean@Heart – it is not about where you were born, or where you live, or what language you speak, and has nothing to do with your race or nationality. It is about your appreciation and love for Caribbean culture and it is about the vibe. If you have the vibe you are part of the tribe.

I have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with many who are Caribbean@Heart over the years – particularly in a Carnival setting. I can say without fear of contradiction that some of the most Caribbean@Heart people I have met have been Japanese – not a trace of DNA from the region, unable to speak the language – but have you ever seen them play pan?

Our aim at LazeyDaze is to represent and showcase Caribbean culture through our apparel and other offerings – for locals, visitors and those in the diaspora.

This blog will focus on the things that connect and bring us together – so we will focus on our festivals, sport, cuisine, beautiful islands and other aspects of our culture. There will be no politics or “news”.

Thank you for joining us on our journey – we are one tribe.




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