The LazeyDaze story

The story of LazeyDaze starts in 2001 when a couple of engineers founded Style & Company Ltd – a boutique apparel store in Trinidad & Tobago catering to the professional woman. LazeyDaze got its start in 2017 as an in-house line of laser cut jewelry to complement the jewelry and accessories carried by Style & Company.

LazeyDaze started with keychains, earring, pendants and other accessories - the themes reflected our Caribbean heritage and included local flora and fauna, as well as some local slang and sayings. The product line expanded to include clocks, clipboards and wall art.

LazeyDaze apparel is an extension of our existing brand – the seed of which was born out of our customers desire to engage with some of our most popular designs in new ways.

We are very much conscious – and proud - of our Caribbean-ness and want our brand to reflect the entire Caribbean (though we started with a bias towards our native Trinidad & Tobago). We know where we want to get to – and know we have a ways to go. Our initial focus is on the islands of the English speaking Caribbean – but we do plan to include our mainland brethren and sistren as well as the Spanish, French and Dutch speaking Caribbean – we are, after all, one tribe – Caribbean at Heart. Our hope is that LazeyDaze will be a celebration of Caribbean culture that resonates with locals, visitors and those in the diaspora alike.

What's important to us

Our customers

We want to treat our customers as we want to be treated. This manifests in the things we do and the way we do them.

  • We provide accurate product descriptions and other information required
    to make the best purchasing decision.
  • We do not – and never will – sell customer data
  • Not satisfied? We do our best to make it right


The Caribbean is an area vulnerable to the effects of climate change. We seek to operate in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.

  • The fabrics we use are sourced sustainably and processed with a view to minimizing environment impact eg. water usage and discharge.
  • We do not use sweatshops – the garments are produced in a socially responsible manner.
  • We encourage our customers to follow the care instructions - this maintains the product quality for much longer: more enjoyment + less replacement
  • We utilize a number of production partners around the globe. Your order is produced at the nearest production facility – thus reducing both the carbon footprint and time for your delivery.


We are a small, first generation, family owned and run business located in the Caribbean. We hope to build something that brings joy to our customers and provides opportunity for our children.
In reading this you are already part of our journey – we thank you for that, and hope that you can come along with us as we grow.