Frequently asked questions

Where are your products made?

We work with a network of production partners in over 30 locations around the globe. Your order is produced by our production partner/s closest to the delivery location – this reduces both our carbon footprint and the delivery time to you.

Why does my order get split up?

Not all of our production partners support our full range of products. This may result in multiple production partners fulfilling your order – the order is split up so that everything is produced as close as possible to your location, This will necessitate separate deliveries to you.

Do you sell through brick and mortar?

We operate primarily online. We do have a small brick and mortar presence in Trinidad & Tobago – please email us at shop@lazeydaze.com for details.

What materials are used in your products?

Our choice of materials is influenced by two main factors – what will provide an awesome experience for our customers, and what is environmentally responsible.

We use mainly natural materials – cotton in particular – that is produced sustainably and processed to produce a premium fabric. Where an organic option is available that is usually our first choice. Information on materials is included on every product page.


Why are some products only available for limited times?

Based on our own experience we know the disappointment of an order being placed for a specific event then being delayed and received after – when it's too late. We do not want that for any of our customers.

For our products that are specific to a particular event such as a carnival or Independence Day we leave a buffer of at least several days to cater for unforseen delays in production or delivery due to weather or anything else out of our control.


Why do some products have much longer delivery times than others?

Though we work with a number of production partners, for a small number of our products there may only be a single provider eg. located in the US. We do have the option of limiting the availability of such products to only certain markets, but have decided to make all of our products available worldwide. Where there is the possibility of long delivery times we indicate that in the product description - please bear this in mind while purchasing.


How do you charge for shipping?

We charge flat rate shipping for all our products - the amount depends on the product and destination. All our products qualify for free shipping above a certain order value - the value also depends on the products and destination.

Shipping is calculated at checkout and any discounts are automatically applied.

How come my island is not represented?

We are Caribbean@Heart and we intend to represent the entire Caribbean – please know that every island is in our vision. As we continue on our growth path we plan to add every island in the English speaking Caribbean, our mainland brethren and sistren, as well as the Spanish, French and Dutch speaking Caribbean.

What is your refund policy?

  • We offer refunds in the case of delivery of the wrong item, damaged or defective items and items lost in transit.
  • We do not offer refunds for incorrect size or color, or in cases of buyers remorse.

Please check our Refund Policy page for full details.

What is your Privacy Policy?

  • Your privacy is important to us.
  • Your data belongs to you.
  • We do not – and never will – sell data to any third party.
  • We collect information to improve our site's functionality and your experience on our site, and to enable us to better serve you in the future.
  • We ensure that your transactions with us are secure.

Please check our Privacy Policy page for full details.

Are there any opportunities to collaborate with you?

We are firm believers that there is always a win-win to be found. If you are interested in a collab please reach out to us at shop@lazeydaze.com