Showcasing Caribbean beauty

Showcasing Caribbean beauty

The Caribbean is a place of great beauty – our landscapes and beaches, flora, fauna, architecture, and of course our people, festivals and culture. At LazeyDaze we hope to showcase Caribbean beauty by featuring the work of photographers on our main website image.

We are extremely pleased to feature the work of Rachel Lee Young as our first in this endeavour.

Passionate about nature and bio-diversity, Rachel makes captivating photographs of the beauty of the flora and fauna of Trinidad and Tobago. As an advocate for pollinators, she has established a pollinator garden at her home to support and encourage a wide range of hummingbirds, bees, butterflies, bats and other creatures. When not out in nature, Rachel is developing a popular heritage portfolio of surface designs based on her photographs to adorn textiles, apparel, accessories, gifts and homewares.

Rachel is past President of the Trinidad and Tobago Photographic Society. She has exhibited her work widely in Trinidad and been published in many magazines including Discover T&T, Ins and Outs and Caribbean Beat. Her art pieces brighten people’s homes around the world and her greetings cards and homewares bring a welcome touch of Trinidad and Tobago to all who receive them.

Rachel is owner and designer of the brand “Land of the Hummingbird”


Scarlet Ibis in flight


The image on the website banner is of Scarlet Ibis in flight and was chosen with T&T's upcoming Independence celebrations in mind. The Scarlet Ibis holds profound significance for Trinidad and Tobago, not only as the country's national bird but also as a symbol deeply intertwined with its cultural and ecological heritage. With its vibrant scarlet plumage, the Scarlet Ibis stands as a vivid representation of the nation's rich diversity and natural beauty. Its presence gracing the wetlands and mangroves of the islands underscores the importance of preserving and safeguarding these critical ecosystems. Moreover, the bird holds cultural significance, often being associated with myths, legends, and traditional stories that reflect the deep connection between the people of Trinidad and Tobago and their environment. The Scarlet Ibis serves as a powerful reminder of the need for environmental conservation and serves as an emblematic reminder of the nation's commitment to maintaining its unique natural and cultural legacy for generations to come.

We extend our gratitude to Rachel for being part of our journey. Connect with her as follows:



Cell: 868 682-4063

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Nice work Clive! Happy to support 😊

Rachel Lee-Young

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